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How To Select Bearing Type

In bearing selection you need to consider the following ones and reply the questions respectively :

For the Shaft Size

  •  What is the shaft size at each bearing location?
  •  Is the bearing on a stepped shaft?

 For the Speed

  • What is the shaft speed at the bearing location?
  • If belt driven, what is the motor speed and the sheave diameters?
  • If direct drive through a reducer, what is the motor speed and the reduction ratio?

 For the Loads

  • What is the radial load that the bearing will be required to support?
  • What is the axial load that the fixed bearing will be required to support? 

 For the Environment

  • Are the bearings in a wet environment?
  • What is the shaft temperature at the bearings?
  • What is the ambient temperature around the bearings?
  • Are the bearings in any contamination? If so, like what?

 Current Bearing Life

  • How long do the existing bearings function?
  • What bearing life would make you satisfied?